Mediumship Readings

Having been described by psychics as a golden bridge between the living and the spirit world, I began to have communication with the non-physical world from a young age.  It was not until 2008 when I began to train and nurture this spiritual gift.

The mediumship I have been developing continues to grow and change with time.  As of now, I am able to mentally “tune-in” to the spirit world, and bridge communication to the physical world you and I live in.  The tuning-in process involves a meditation that supports a strong spiritual connection with the other levels of reality most are not aware of.  It is here where I listen, feel, sense, and am guided to provide communication for those that have departed our physical reality.  Mediumship readings may include channeling of information where I am connected to a spirit wishing to communicate something to a physical being or audience.  The most common request for this service is to communicate with loved ones that have departed to the spirit world.