Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is the practice of utilizing life force bio-energetics to harmonize and create balance within your own energetic body.

Many cultures have an understanding that there is more to health than physical and mental health.

In my search for complete health, I have experienced and learned various forms of energy medicines to compliment western medicine.

The use of these cultural complimentary practices are not a substitute for healthcare from your primary care health team. Instead, it is meant to integrate into spirit-mind-body health.  Energy Medicine is the "spirit" aspect of Spirit-Mind-Body health. Please ask me for more details about these energy practices.  Thank you!

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Having Reiki Master energy allows my work to have increased vibrational support to lower vibrational experiences. Resulting in the balancing of mental-emotional disorders.  Reiki supports the energy points known as chakras where energy can be balanced.

​The Mayans believed that every soul enters the planet with a role in their life to fulfill. These advanced humans created and studied calendars, informing them of the energy of each day. This energy was studied through the Mayan Priests.  Having been born with the energy of a Mayan Ajq’ij (spirit guide), I have come to realize that cultural healing in conjunction with western health practice is powerful and necessary. Utilizing cultural ceremonial practices, I go into meditation with my clients where we cleanse and allow for a balancing of energy.

Hawaiian Huna is another cultural practice with energy medicine where the utilization of this energy would support the grounding of undesired mental-emotional energy and elevation of desired experiences.

Utilizing Meso-American jungle medicine, we utilize the power of the earth to support your energy.